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Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

December 15 Green Energy News

Headline News:

“Aptera Is Getting A Lot of Orders For Its ‘Never Charge’ EV” • Aptera released its “Never Charge” electric vehicle a little over a week ago, and the company already has preorders for over $100 million. Aptera is also seeing lots of views for its launch video, with over 600,000 views on YouTube when this CleanTechnica article was published. [CleanTechnica]

Aptera (Chris Anthony, CEO, Aptera Motors Corp)

  • “Renewables Were The Sole Source Of New US Generating Capacity In Last Quarter” • Figures from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission show that all new capacity added in June through September has been renewable. And for the first three quarters of 2020, renewables accounted for 64.1%, of all new utility-scale capacity. [RenewEconomy]
  • “Trump’s Attacks On America’s Natural Treasures: In His Final Days, President Trump Is Selling Our Public Lands And Waters” • In his final days, President Trump is selling our public lands and waters to the highest bidder. The federal government holds these resources in trust, for the use and enjoyment of the people of this country. [CleanTechnica]
  • “S&P 100 – Tesla In, Occidental Petroleum Out” • The S&P 100 tracks performance of the 100 largest stocks in the US by market capitalization. In fact, the S&P 100 is capitalization-weighted, with members selected from a broad range of industries. S&P Dow Jones says Tesla will replace Occidental Petroleum in the S&P 100 on December 21. [CleanTechnica]
  • “A ‘Frozen Rainforest’ Of Microscopic Life Is Melting The Ice Sheet On Greenland” • Biodiversity is usually considered a good thing, but when it is growing on the ice of Greenland, the profusion of microbial life is absorbing sunlight and speeding up ice melt. It will likely cause global sea levels to rise faster than scientists have predicted. [CNN]

For more news, please visit geoharvey – Daily News about Energy and Climate Change.

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