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Renewable Energy Veteran Dan Kinney to Lead New Solar Venture

New Vermont Company will optimize the performance of New England Solar Projects

Dan Kinney

Norwich Technologies, Inc. announced the launch of its new division, RunTime Solar™, to provide operations and maintenance (O&M) services to solar energy projects across New England. RunTime Solar will be headed by renowned renewable energy veteran Dan Kinney.

Norwich Technologies CEO Jim Merriam said in announcing the new venture and Dan Kinney’s hiring as General Manager, “Runtime Solar is our commitment to providing dedicated professional service to our customers.  By separating out our O & M services into RunTime Solar, we can move from the traditional O&M approach of responding to problems, to actively enhancing the performance of the solar arrays we manage across New England.   While RunTime Solar will be its own organization, it will still be able to draw from Norwich’s combined decades of commercial PV engineering, procurement and construction of ground and roof installations to ensure the highest quality of service.  Dan’s experience and uncompromising level of quality makes him the ideal person to lead this effort.”

Dan Kinney won Renewable Energy Vermont’s 2017 Jim Grundy Award for 20 years of bringing renewable energy to the community. Kinney cofounded Catamount Solar, a Randolph, Vermont-based worker cooperative, in 2011 after 8 years as field supervisor at groSolar. A graduate of Unity College, which focuses on environmental education, Kinney also taught solar photovoltaic (PV) installation as an adjunct professor at Vermont Technical College. Dan is also a tireless advocate for a living wage and clean energy jobs in Vermont.

Norwich Technologies, Inc. currently manages over 30 megawatts of PV solar sites across New England, including group net metered community solar, nonprofit, and commercial and industrial installations. RunTime Soar will extend that skilled project management to third party sites by providing a wide scope of services ranging from vegetation control and warranty repair, to ongoing preventative maintenance and real-time performance reporting.

Kinney says the goal of a company like RunTime Solar ( is to manage solar assets to ensure a seamless 365 day a year operation with low environmental impact, while minimizing, to help system owners maximize their investment by offering services like Norwich Technologies’ SnowShedder™ device.  Developed by Norwich Technologies’  R&D team from private and federal DOE grants, the SnowShedder service will boost production of solar arrays in winter  months when snow cover negatively impacts system performance.

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