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United We Move: CCL’s Plan for Action 2021

Register for December virtual conference: United We Move

One month after the 2020 election, join thousands of your fellow CCL advocates for a virtual conference on Dec. 5, when we’ll lay the groundwork for taking action on climate solutions in 2021.

Registration is now open for United We Move, a free event featuring keynote speakers Hahrie Han — a professor of political science at Johns Hopkins University who specializes in the study of organizing, movements, civic engagement, and democracy — and John Wood, Jr., Director of Public Outreach at Braver Angels, an organization dedicated to bringing liberals and conservatives together at the grassroots level.
In addition to the virtual conference on Saturday, participants can choose one of four seminars happening on Sunday, Dec. 6. One of these seminars — Bridging the Divide on Climate Solutions with Braver Angels — will be limited to 200 participants.

Following the virtual conference and seminars, volunteers will hold virtual lobby meetings with their representatives and senators Dec. 7-10. Those meetings will be scheduled by congressional liaisons. Check with your group leader if you would like to participate.
The conference is open to the public. Invite your friends to attend by sharing our Facebook event.


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