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September 19 Green Energy News

Headline News:

  • “Icebreaker Offered Night-Time Shutdown Lifeline” • Ohio Power Siting Board has given a lifeline to the 21-MW Icebreaker offshore wind farm on Lake Erie. The board voted in favour of drafting an amendment to remove the night-time shutdown clause in the OPSB’s approval of the project. The revised ruling has yet to be drafted and voted on. [reNEWS]

Simulated image of wind farm (LEEDCo image)

  • “BP’s Plan To Dominate The Solar Industry” • BP is on track to be a very different energy company by 2030, with a massive portfolio of renewables. Today, the oil-turning-energy giant has 16 GW of solar energy in the pipeline. That’s enough to rival even the world’s biggest solar operator, China’s State Power Investment Corp. [Business Insider] (Scroll down.)
  • “American Lung Association: Switch To EVs By 2045 Could Save 6,300 American Lives” • A study from the American Lung Association, Road to Clean Air, showed that if Americans would electrify their transportation, it could save $72 billion in health costs and 6,300 lives [annually]. It could also prevent 93,000 asthma attacks. [CleanTechnica]
  • “How Does The US Retire 236 GW Of Coal And 1,000 Gas Peaker Plants?” • We’ve reached a massive milestone in the global energy transition. Right now, American renewable energy sources and energy storage have the ability to match or beat the price of power from natural gas-fired peaker plants and coal-fired generators. [pv magazine USA]
  • “Having Killed Coal, US Department Of Energy Aims Energy Storage Dart At Gas & Oil” • Under the watchful eye of President Trump, the US coal industry died, thanks partly to the US DOE’s pursuit of clean tech. Now, the DOE is taking aim at Oil & Gas, as it gives funding to Natron Energy’s low-cost sodium-ion energy storage into mass production. [CleanTechnica]

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