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Despite COVID-19, More Than Half of Cleantech Firms Planning to Recruit in 2020

Hyperion Executive Search Surveyed Impact of COVID-19 on Cleantech

AUSTIN – Results from a recent survey conducted by Hyperion Executive Search, a global talent acquisition company that works exclusively with clean energy and e-mobility, found that despite COVID-19, most cleantech companies plan to expand in 2020. Sixty one percent (61%) of the cleantech firms surveyedreport that revenues will still be as expected or better and 75% still expect to see growth this year.

“Despite the challenges and losses in revenue this year, it’s hugely encouraging to see that cleantech CEOs and founders are continuing to drive forward their businesses, adapting plans and pushing ahead with building their teams,” said Hyperion Executive Search CEO David Hunt. “I have no doubt that the cleantech sector is ready, willing and able to lead the economic recovery.”

More than 60 CEOs and founders in the cleantech industry were surveyed by Hyperion Executive Search. Fifty-six percent (56%) of the surveyed companies expect to grow their teams and recruit in the next six months and only five percent expect to reduce employee numbers.

Most respondents stated that there had been only a minor practical impact on their business by incorporating working from home and other logistical changes.

Cleantech leaders did indicate that investor confidence has been impacted by COVID-19, with 86% responding that investor confidence has reduced overall, but they remain optimistic about the long-term future. Eighty-five percent (85%) of respondents stated that they are ‘very confident’ that the post-COVID-19 economic recovery will be led by a green revolution utilizing cleantech, renewables and e-mobility as drivers of growth.

“The survey responses were consistent with what CEOs and founders have shared with me in discussions for the Leaders in Cleantech podcast,” said Hunt ( As both a cleantech CEO and an executive recruiter, I am encouraged by the overall optimism of the survey responses and I believe that the future for the cleantech industry will continue to be prosperous post-pandemic.”


Just as Green Energy Times is going to press, we got an update on electric generation from the SUN DAY Campaign. It says that solar and wind capacity in the United States grew in the first half of 2020 and produced 16% more than in the first half of 2019. Doing so, renewables produced more than coal or nuclear power.

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