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Congratulations to the Top Solar Contractors in our Region

George Harvey

Every year, Solar Power World (SPW), one of the top web sites and print publications for news relating to the solar power industry, publishes a list of the top contractors in the United States (). The list is based on the number of kilowatts (DC) the contractors installed in this country. The list is very large – this year there are 407 companies listed, but it is drawn from data on over 10,000 companies, which are spread across all fifty states.

Looking at the list, we can see contractors in all of the states within Green Energy Times’ primary readership area. There are companies based in Maine, Massachusetts, New York, and Vermont. While no company is listed as based in New Hampshire, there is at least one company, ReVision Energy, which has multiple offices there.

The SPW list is impressively long. It is also multidimensional, because it can be viewed in numerous ways. We hope to touch on this in greater depth in the next issue.

In the meantime, Renewable Energy Vermont (REV) has simplified the task of sorting this out by producing a list of its own members that are mentioned by SPW. It has extracted out of the SPW data a list of its own member companies it has represented in it. We might mention that while REV members all do business in Vermont, not all REV members are based in the state.

The REV list is divided into two parts. The first lists the top solar contractors in Vermont, providing their ranks both for the state and nationally. This list is ordered by rank in Vermont.

  • Peck Company – South Burlington, Vermont – #1 Vermont; #59 nationally

  • Green Lantern Solar – Waterbury, Vermont – #2 Vermont; #102 nationally

  • Norwich Solar Technologies – Norwich, Vermont – #3 Vermont; #118 nationally

  • Aegis Renewable Energy – Waitsfield, Vermont – #4 Vermont; #190 nationally

  • ReVision Energy – Enfield, New Hampshire, and South Portland, Maine – #7 Vermont; #88 nationally

With changes in solar power technology, SPW has had to add more data, creating other lists as needed. One of these focuses on the solar plus storage market in a manner similar to the treatment of solar contractors (). There are 137 companies in SPW’s list of installers of solar plus storage. And again, REV has given us a list of its contractors that appear on that list.

  • Green Lantern – #8 nationally

  • ReVision – #20 nationally

We offer our congratulations to all these companies. While we are at it, we might offer our congratulations to Renewable Energy Vermont and the state of Vermont itself for being the home of such inspiring companies.

And while we are at it, congratulations to our friends at Apex Solar, which appears as #194 on the SPW list of top solar contractors in the U.S. Apex Solar is based in Queensbury, New York and not on the REV lists.

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