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ButtonUp 2020 Goes Virtual!

This year upended life for just about all of us, and for many Vermonters, it’s been really tough. With all the uncertainty we face, why bring weatherization up on your list of things to make happen in 2020? Well, it’s even more important now that we’re all spending more time at home.

Safety: A professional weatherization contractor will help you ensure the right amount of fresh air is moving through your home to keep you healthy, without losing all that cold or heat you’re paying for. This work can reduce mold and respiratory illness, keeping your family safer.

Money: Winter used to be the only season we needed to spend money on to stay comfortable. But more of us are installing AC to make it through the longer heat waves we’re facing. Anytime you’re spending money to heat or cool your home (or time at the wood pile), weatherization is a great investment. The average Vermonter saves $500 a year and stops those annoying drafts, which might be worth doing if “date night” is always at home for the foreseeable future.

Security: Cheaper utility bills are always nice…but they’re suddenly critical when you lose a job, as so many Vermonters did this year. Weatherization gives Vermonters financial flexibility, which can mean a lot during a crisis. And it’s also a key step in preventing future crises. We can’t meet our state climate goals without significant weatherization projects in almost all of our buildings. Progress here is necessary to reduce the future weather, economic, and yes, pandemic disasters that a warmer climate could bring.

For Button Up 2020, expert advice will be offered through online events, virtual home energy visits, and resources on the website. And Efficiency Vermont is going a step further to help you help your neighbor. Efficiency Vermont has joined with the Vermont Community Foundation to build the Button Up Vermont Fund, paying for weatherization projects for low income Vermonters. It’s an opportunity to help your neighbors and double your impact with matching contributions from Button Up sponsors.

To learn more call 888-921-5990 or go to

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