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Adani Ranked #1 for Global Solar Power Generation; Surpasses U.S.-based FirstSolar and Nextera for Top Spot

In a just-released report by Austin-based Mercom Capital GroupAdani Group ranked as the largest solar power generation owner in the world. According to the ranking, Adani is roughly 70 percent larger than the next-largest global solar power generation company.

More information on the report and Adani’s global standing can be found in the press release located below my signature. Some key statistics include:

  • Adani’s portfolio is 12.32 GWac, which exceeds total installed capacity of U.S. in 2019
  • Adani’s renewable energy generation capacity will displace 1.4 billion tons of carbon dioxide over the life of its assets
  • Adani Green Energy established its first solar project in just 2015 and has a combined wind & solar portfolio of 14.62 GWac.
  • AGEL is also building the largest solar-wind hybrid park in the world of 1.69 GWac

Would you be interested in covering the findings of the report, and Adani’s standing as the largest solar power generation owner in the world?

U.S.-specific information about Adani and the report include:

  • Adani has delivered more than 500MW of solar panels to the U.S., including for projects powering Fortune top 100 companies
  • Adani has a 100MW project owned in Colorado
  • Adani jumped 11 places to displace previous U.S. leader First Solar from the last most recent global solar leaders list by Wood Mackenzie:
  • The report ranks U.S. developers 6th, 7th and 8th: First Solar (Arizona), AES (Virginia) and Invenergy (Illinois)
    • U.S. based FirstSolar and Nextera have been the in the top spots for a long time, and Adani achieved the #1 spot for the first time this year.
    • In addition, both AES and Invenergy are new to solar leaderboards.


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