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Webinars this week (Aug 5 and 6): All about wetlands, and climate policy in the Legislature

Climate Policy with Legislative Leaders (Wednesday at noon)
The Energy Action Network (EAN) is offering an exciting opportunity to engage with legislative leaders on climate this Wednesday, August 5 at noon.

Join Senate President Pro Tem Tim Ashe and House Speaker Mitzi Johnson for a discussion about which climate priorities they expect to make it over the finish line in the 2020 session. Come with any questions you might have. Register here by the end of the day tomorrow, Tuesday, August 4.

Vermont’s Wetlands: Where Land and Water Intersect (Thursday at noon)
What’s squishy, vegetated, and mottled? A wetland, of course! These unique ecological areas protect and improve water quality, provide fish and wildlife habitat, store floodwaters, and maintain surface water flow during dry periods.

Join Jon Groveman and Karina Dailey from VNRC for a presentation all about Vermont’s wetlands. Learn about how these unique natural areas are defined scientifically, how they function, common types seen in Vermont, and how they are protected under Vermont law.

We’ll discuss some of the proposed changes to the Vermont Wetland Rules that are being considered by the Agency of Natural Resources (ANR), and issues related to farming currently under debate. Come with your wetlands questions for our experts to discuss. Register today.

Thanks for considering both of these upcoming programs!
Vermont Natural Resources Council

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