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Keep Solar in Vermont Strong

From Same Sun of Vermont, Inc.:

Net metering will be under review by the Public Utility Commission (PUC). The Governor’s current proposal would drop the solar incentive by 50% this year and eliminate it completely next year. The solar adder incentive is currently at 2 cents per kilowatt-hour produced. Dropping this to 1 cent and then zero hurts the future of renewable energy here in Vermont. The deadline for public comment is August 31st.

This comes on top of multiple new fees exacted by the Vermont utilities that require solar customers to pay for many upgrades in transformers and other utility infrastructure. Vermont once upon a time had tax benefits and incentives for individuals and business going solar. Now, the final incentive is proposed to end and this after we are experiencing a decrease in Federal tax credits.

You, the Same Sun client have benefitted from these programs, please keep them alive for fellow Vermonters.

Tell the PUC that you support strong net metering rates.

We have drafted a letter that you can send to the PUC to voice your support for solar net metering. Please copy and paste it into an email click the button below to send it to the PUC, ASAP!

Email to:
Subject: Comments on case Case No. 20-0097-INV

Dear Public Utility Commission,

I oppose measures to weaken the solar adder in Vermont. Our current net metering policies make investing in green, renewable energy accessible to more Vermonters. The proposed reductions stifle our state’s citizens’ ability to make environmentally sustainable changes. Going solar is also a valuable home or business investment and helps customers control their electrical expenses. If only the wealthiest people can afford going solar, you’re furthering the economic divide in our state.

Not only does this harm solar customers, it also hurts the Vermont economy. The solar industry creates well-paying, skilled jobs right here in state. And it keeps more of our dollars in our local economy, rather than sending them across state or country lines. By slashing net metering incentives, you are hurting Vermont-based businesses and the revenue these companies generate for the state.

You can not outsource a rooftop or a Vermonter’s yard. We went solar, we want our fellow Vermonters to have the same opportunity.

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