Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

From the Vermont Natural Resources Council

Contact your lawmakers today to urge them
to support the Global Warming Solutions Act!

Earlier this week, lawmakers reconvened for the final days of the 2020 legislative session, with a primary focus on finalizing a FY 2021 budget. That said, a few key policy priorities remain in play, including the important, job-creating, pollution-reducing, Global Warming Solutions Act – H.688. While an overwhelming, bipartisan majority of legislators voted for the bill before they took a break for the summer, indications are that Governor Scott plans to veto the legislation.

That makes it more critical than ever to ensure that there is a strong, veto proof vote in both the House and the Senate when the bill is taken up again.

Please take a moment to contact your legislators and urge them to support the Vermont Global Warming Solutions Act! Click here to find your legislators.

The Covid-19 pandemic has underscored the critical importance of listening to science. The same is true when it comes to doing our part on the increasingly urgent climate crisis. The Global Warming Solutions Act sets up a strategic planning and implementation framework to ensure we make smart investments that prioritize Vermont’s most vulnerable and put people to work in the local, clean energy economy.

We need your help to get this critical bill over the finish line. Thank you for urging your legislators to support the H.688 – the Global Warming Solutions Act.


Johanna Miller
Energy and Climate Program Director
Vermont Natural Resources Council

PS: In a commentary published earlier this summer, Energy Action Network Executive Director Jared Duval outlined how strategic climate action can serve as a powerful economic development tool. Check it out!

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