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Virtual SolarFest – Free Registration

Time for some SolarFest fun!
Sat. July 25 & Sun. July 26

The need for SolarFest has never been greater
— that’s why we’re doing it for FREE —

Be part of the best workshops — live via Zoom:

  • Perennial Favorite: Renewables 101: Solar & Storage (Bill & Danielle Laberge)
  • Multi-state experts: Is now the time for electric cars? (Peter O’Connor moderator)
  • Why Regenerative Food & Agriculture? where Jesse McDougall has the answers
  • John Blittersdorf demonstrates Living Off-grid: Tiny Houses to McMansions

Hear provocative and timely presentations — powerful thought leaders

Enjoy incredible music from the Virtual SolarFest Stage — dance like no-one’s watching

No excuses — make your SolarFest plans today.
Share with your friends and be sure to register now!

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