Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

July 26 Green Energy News

Headline News:

  • “World’s Largest Hybrid Timber Tower Will Be Built In Sydney” • The world’s largest timber hybrid tower is going to be built in Sydney, Australia. This hybrid timber tower is made with a technique known as Mass Timber Construction. MTC has a steel exoskeleton supports the entire structure, largely built of wood and glass. [CleanTechnica]

Inside the MTC structure (Mike Cannon-Brookes | Atlassian)

  • “To Solve The Climate Crisis, We Need An Investment Revolution” • We depend on our leaders in moments of crisis. We also depend on the tenacity and insights of scientists, the ingenuity and vision of entrepreneurs, and the resourcefulness and boldness of companies to solve big problems. But we also need investors. [World Economic Forum]
  • “Recent Gutting Of Regulations Is Inhibiting Adequate Review Of Renewable Energy Projects” • With offshore wind energy activities underway in states along the Atlantic coast, we stand at the start of an exciting offshore wind energy boom. But these states are acting in the absence of federal leadership, and that poses an unnecessary hindrance. [MSN Money]
  • “Seaweed To The Rescue, From Renewable Energy To Covid-19 Treatment” • Renewable energy researchers have been turning to seaweed as a source of biofuel, and while that’s bubbling up in the background, the COVID-19 crisis brings renewed attention to the all-around sustainability aspect of harvesting renewable resources from the sea. [CleanTechnica]
  • “System Upgrades Are Helping Tucson Electric Power Improve Reliability, Reduce Outages” • Tucson Electric Power says it has spent over a billion dollars in recent years to improve its system and make it more resilient. Those investments helped reduce average TEP outage times by more than 15 minutes over the past two years. [Arizona Daily Star]

For more news, please visit geoharvey – Daily News about Energy and Climate Change.

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