Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

Dartmouth Upcoming Energy Events and Deadlines

  • Tuesday, July 28 | 12:15 p.m.
Dartmouth Energy Collaborative Energy Seminar
Kaitlyn Bunker, Rocky Mountain Institute
“Clean Energy Transition: What We’ve Learned from Partnering with Caribbean Islands to Develop Inclusive Approaches that Accelerate Progress”
Kaitlyn Bunker, head of the Islands Energy Program at the Rocky Mountain Institute, will discuss  the approach developed by the RMI team to best support islands in their efforts through inclusive energy planning processes and a whole-systems approach. While there are unique aspects of small island electricity systems that create both challenges and opportunities, the presentation will also highlight aspects of islands’ experiences that are relevant to larger electricity systems in other regions.
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  • Wednesday, July 29 | 12 p.m.
New Energy: Conversations with Early-Career Energy Researchers
Michael Craig, University of Michigan
“Electric Power in a Changing Climate”
Michael Craig will present his recent collaborations on how climate change will affect bulk power system planning and operations. Those collaborations include quantifying compounding effects of climate change on thermal plant availability, wind and solar resources, and electricity demand in Texas; and optimizing generator investment decisions given atmospheric and hydrological impacts in the Southeast United States.
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