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The USA New Green Deal Will Create Over 18 Million Jobs

Dr. Roger H. Bezdek


In the USA and other nations there is intense interest in the Green New Deal (GND) and its jobs implications. However, there has not be a comprehensive analysis of the potential jobs impacts of the GND. This paper remedies this deficiency and provides estimates of the jobs likely to be created by the GND in the USA, including jobs in the manufacturing sector. We first estimate the current size of the green industry in the USA and find that it totals $640 billion in industry sales and 7.8 million jobs. We estimate that the GND would total $2.5 trillion and would generate more than 18.3 additional million jobs throughout the economy. Of these, 2.25 million would be green manufacturing jobs. The GND jobs are concentrated within a number of sectors, including manufacturing and professional, information, and scientific and technical services. Thus, not only is the relationship between the GND and jobs positive, but the types of jobs created are disproportionately scientific, professional, technical, high-skilled, manufacturing, and high-wage jobs – the very types of jobs highly sought after.

This paper, which was published in the Journal of Environmental Science and Renewable Resources, can be found online at

Dr. Roger H. Bezdek is President of Management Information Services, Inc.

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