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Expanded Electric Lawnmower Incentives Save Money for Vermonters


It’s that time of year again! The grass is growing and the lawn needs to be mowed. The great news is that this gas-guzzling, climate-polluting chore can now be completed with much lower emissions and at much lower cost for Vermonters.

With expanded incentives from REV members Green Mountain Power, Washington Electric Coop, and Burlington Electric Department and low-cost financing from REV member VSECU, there has never been a better time switch to electric lawn equipment.

Through June 30, 2020, Green Mountain Power is offering an increased $75 incentive for residential mowers purchased from Vermont retailers. Read more about claiming this residential incentive here. GMP also increased its incentive for commercial electric lawn mowers from $700 to $2,500. Read more about GMP’s commercial incentive program here.

Through December 31, 2020, Washington Electric Coop is offering its customers up to $100 off the qualifying purchase of a new residential electric push mower and up to $1000 on the purchase of qualifying commercial mowers. See the details and claim your rebate here.

With its Mow Electric program, Burlington Electric Department offers its customers up to $100 off the purchase of a new residential electric mower purchased in Vermont before December 31, 2020. Qualifying commercial-grade electric mowers purchased before December 31, 2020 are eligible for an incentive of $3,500. Read all the details here.

BED, WEC and GMP customers who qualify for a commercial electric lawn mower incentive are also eligible for an additional $300 manufacturer’s rebate from Mean Green Mowers at the time of purchase.

“With summer approaching and Burlington continuing our work to become a Net Zero Energy city, we are glad to continue our Mow Electric incentive program to help our community reduce fossil fuel use by switching to E-lawn mowers,” said Darren Springer, Burlington Electric Department General Manager. “Mowing electric saves money on fuel and maintenance, and contributes to cleaner air for all Burlingtonians.”

REV Member VSECU, a credit union for everyone in Vermont, offers low-cost financing for a variety of energy saving projects, including residential electric mowers, through their VGreen Loan program. VSECU is also able to offer business loans for electric mowers at 3.75% fixed rate for a 5 year term. This rate is good at least until 12/31/2020. For more information about these commercial loans, contact VSECU’s VBiz Team at 802-371-3109 or visit

Fossil-fuel mowers are a source of climate pollution that most of us don’t think about very often. We’re all familiar with automobile emissions, but tend to give less thought to the fossil fuels we use taking care of our lawns. Yet, using a diesel or gasoline-powered mower for an hour emits as much climate pollution as driving 300 miles (source). With over 40 million acres of turf grass in the US, the EPA estimates that our gasoline and diesel-powered lawn equipment emits 54 Billion pounds of C02 per year!

Steven Wisbaum, a leading Vermont electric mower advocate and founder of REV Member Eco-Equipment Supply applauded these efforts, noting that “It’s really gratifying to see the progress that’s been made over the past few years in respect to the transition to electric lawn care equipment in Vermont. As the performance of battery-electric lawn care equipment has achieved parity with conventional equipment, Vermonters are increasingly discovering the significant environmental and economic benefits of making the switch”.

Electric mowers not only reduce climate pollution, they reduce noise pollution as well, generating about a third as much noise as fossil-fuel powered engines. As they come down in price, electric mowers are growing in popularity. Available styles include push mowers, riding mowers and zero-turns. And, like electric cars, this electric equipment costs significantly less to operate than the combustion-engine alternative, saving money for consumers on both maintenance and fuel.

There has never been a better time to Mow Electric!


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