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All-Electric Ferry Boat:

Ellen, Surpasses Expectations

Ellen. Erik Christensen. Wikimedia Commons (

The all-electric ferry boat, Ellen, has surpassed all expectations on performance during a trial year in Denmark. On a route that is eleven nautical miles each way, Ellen has been found to operate at double the efficiency of a boat powered by fossil fuels, and it is far less expensive to run. With no fumes and silent operation, 86.3% of passengers said they were either extremely or very satisfied.

Like other electric vehicles, the initial cost of Ellen was a bit higher than if it would have been powered by diesel. The short payback time on the difference, about five years, is short enough that more boats are likely to be built very soon.
For anyone interested in learning more about Ellen, we suggest going to a recent article at CleanTechnica, “Ellen, Denmark’s First Electric Ferry, Passes All Tests With Flying Colors,” at

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