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VT Food Scrap Ban

Dear neighbors,
So much is happening at CSWD! I am not sure where to start. Facilities are reopening, more materials are being accepted, and the July 1st food scrap ban is almost upon us. I’ll focus on the food scrap ban here. But please, keep reading to catch up on the latest in reopenings and other important CSWD news.
With COVID-19, we missed spring and seem to have landed smack dab in summer. Many residents have reached out to us with questions about what to do with their food scraps after July 1st. To help, we created this web page that’s chock full of easy-to-find answers –
The three things to keep in mind about this new requirement to keep food scraps out of the trash:
  • This is a marathon – not a sprint. Remember when we didn’t recycle? Now, its like second nature. Though many of us have been separating food scraps from trash for years–decades, even!–for many it’s brand new and more than a little daunting. This is a process. The July 1st date gives us a place to start.
  • Composting your food scraps in your backyard is not your only option. You can drop those scraps off at a CSWD Drop-Off Center or Green Mountain Compost, arrange for them to be picked up at your home, or grab a Green Cone and start “digesting” in your own yard. We can help – visit
  • Keep calm and carry on. CSWD is here to help you learn what works for you. Ask us questions (just reply to this email), visit our website, or watch our videos!
Keep an eye out for more on food scraps in your local papers, on TV, and of course in social media. We’re getting the word out!
Warm regards,
Alise Certa
Marketing & Communications Manager

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