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Renewable Energy VT News: NERA & FERC

In April, a shadow group calling themselves the New England Ratepayer’s Association (NERA) filed a petition with FERC to eliminate state renewable energy policy and net metering as we know it.  If you have not been following the case closely, see this overview factsheet from our friends at Vote Solar. In brief, NERA’s filing argues that any behind-the-meter or customer-sited energy generation is a wholesale sale, subject to FERC jurisdiction. Read Utility Dive & Green Tech Media recaps here and hereREV and our allies are mobilizing with urgency.  

Thus far, advocacy by REV and others resulted in strong intervention by the National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners (NARUC) (where VT PUC Commissioner Hoffman serves on the Executive Committee) to defend states’ rights and request more time to respond to the validity of the filing.  REV is reaching out to Vermont’s Attorney General, VT DPS, VT PUB, and our Congressional Delegation to urge their intervention and strong opposition to NERA’s petition on behalf of Vermont. REV will file comments by FERC’s June 15 deadline. 

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