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Yesterday, coronavirus was declared an international pandemic. Already, there are 129,589 known cases and 4,749 deaths globally.1

Now, it’s even more critical that our government takes action to protect public health. Fortunately, legislation introduced today would provide real help for struggling families. However, Republicans in the Senate are threatening to block this urgent bill.2

Speak up to demand that your members of Congress pass the Families First Coronavirus Response Act.

The Sierra Club’s mission is to protect the human and natural environment. Our environment is more than just beautiful landscapes; it is also the world that surrounds us: the air we breathe, the water we drink, the communities where we live. It’s critical we stand in solidarity through public health emergencies such as the one we are currently facing.

The coronavirus aid package introduced today by Speaker Pelosi would provide critical support for working people and families. The bill would:3

  • Grant temporary sick leave for the growing number of people forced to stay home from work and school.
  • Expand unemployment benefits for those laid off because of the virus.
  • Increase food and nutrition access, including expanding the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) and end work and work training requirements during this crisis.
  • Make free coronavirus testing widely available to adequately address the scope of the problem and better contain the outbreak.

Will you speak up now to make sure this happens?

The Trump administration has consistently attacked important safety net programs, including food assistance and Medicaid, and underfunded critical agencies like the Centers for Disease Control. This has crippled the federal government’s ability to keep people safe from the coronavirus.

Add your voice in demanding Congress place passing lifesaving legislation ahead of party politics.

The spread of this virus has made it disturbingly clear how desperately we need policies that ensure people have access to good, affordable healthcare, healthy food, and sick leave from their jobs.

We can act now to provide healthcare and aid to the millions of American families who are struggling.

Speak up to urge your members of Congress to support passing the Families First Coronavirus Response Act immediately.

Thank you for showing that, even in hard times, we are stronger together.

Michael Brune
Executive Director

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