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Evaluation Gives High Marks for State’s Advanced Wood Heating Program

Report Measures Clean Energy Development Fund’s Efforts Since 2015
Montpelier, Vermont – January 7, 2020 – In 2019 the Vermont’s Department of Public Service contracted with the Cadmus Group to conduct an evaluation of the Clean Energy Development Fund’s (CEDF) advanced wood heat incentive and grant programs. Cadmus’ completed report concludes that CEDF’s programs on advanced wood heating were successful, making a positive economic impact in developing the local market for wood fuels and heating systems in Vermont. 
Highlights of the report include:
   CEDF’s incentives generated a strong increase in market development and raising market awareness
   CEDF has stimulated sales in the small commercial market that would otherwise not exist without their efforts
   CEDF’s incentives resulted in saving Vermonters over 500,000 gallons in heating oil and over 15,000 gallons of propane annually.
“This evaluation shows that our increased efforts to promote clean wood heating are providing real benefits to Vermonters” said Vermont Public Service Department Commissioner June Tierney. “We are proud of CEDF’s efforts”.

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