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Light Your World with a Gift of Solar!

Luci original lantern

N.R. Mallery, Publisher G.E.T.

I first experienced some simple, little waterproof inflatable solar lights one summer at SolarFest. They were all over the place, and everyone was loving them, throwing them, twirling with them and they were all over the festival. They caught my attention, and I have enjoyed them and shared them with friends and family ever since.

We published at least one story about Luci® lights in Green Energy Times in the August 2014 edition. You can read it at They are perfect to take camping, hiking or use in case of an emergency. Keep one in your car for an emergency and use them nearly anywhere when it is dark. I have always loved giving them as gifts for one occasion or another. I still have and use my original one from 2014.

Luci Core task light

Luci® solar lights are made by a very giving company, called MPOWERD®. As we started to discuss our Sustainable 


Holiday feature in this edition of G.E.T., my thoughts went to my Luci lights because of my own personal experience with them, and the excited reaction from others when I gifted them with one.

As I went through their website, I was delighted to discover that they not only have the original Luci lantern, but also some great new styles and products. I think you might want to consider gifting some of their solar-powered lights to the people in your life. Let me tell you why.

Luci Explore multi-use light

MPOWERD® is a Certified B Corporation, and they use the power of business to build a sustainable world. The company recognizes that climate change is real, and this gives value to their solar lights when disaster strikes around the world. They have helped thousands of communities and individuals after disasters leave places with no power or lights. With the help from 650+ partners around the world and supporters, they have averted 680,000 tons of CO2, and impacted over three million lives. This is done through their Give Luci Program. You simply buy a light through the program and your Give light goes to their non-profit partners who are actively working on the ground to deliver them to where they are needed most. Recently, 70,000 lights were sent to the California region affected by the fires and experiencing massive power outages. They also sent 10,000 lights to the Bahamas through Direct Relief and the Red Cross after recent hurricanes caused horrific devastation.

Giving sustainably as gifts to your friends and family help others in need at the same time. Your holidays can have so much more meaning.

Besides their original inflatable lanterns, they now offer lights with charging capabilities, including Luci Core, a new task light with an adjustable arm that can be recharged with the built-in solar panel or through the USB port. I have one that I use for reading at night. It has bright, brighter and brightest settings as well as their blinking option, so that it is an emergency light if needed. One charge runs the light for twelve hours.

The new Luci Explore is very cool, featuring a light that can change colors while you listen to music connected with Bluetooth® and an app on your mobile phone. It also can be set as a timer or alarm. It was simple to set up and not only functional but fun to use. We used it while star gazing during a recent meteor shower.

They have some more exciting models for other applications that we will share with you in the spring when they are released. One such new release is their innovative foray in the bike world – check that out on their Indiegogo campaign –

Meanwhile, when you are deciding what gifts to give for the holidays, you might want to consider the gift of a solar-powered light from MPOWERD. Buy one for a friend here – and the link to the Give Luci Program is

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