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Electric Pickup Trucks Are on the Rise!

A Demo of the Ford F-250 Three-quarter-ton Plug-In Hybrid Electric Truck Held in Burlington, VT 

Image source: VTCCC Newsletter.

On October 30th, Vermont Clean Cities (VTCCC) hosted a demonstration of XL Fleet’s Ford F-250 Plug-In Hybrid Electric truck upfit for interested stakeholders. 

Fleet managers, utilities, and mechanics gathered at Burlington’s Department of Public Works garage to learn about XL Fleet, and the GHG emissions reduction and fuel savings of their plug-in hybrid electric upfit systems. Attendees had the opportunity to check out XL’s plug-in hybrid upfit system up close, ask an XL sales representative questions, and test-drive the truck.

Upfit systems are vehicle drive-train additions that give the vehicle plug-in hybrid electric or regular hybrid capability while leaving the drive-train and its warranty intact. This technology serves as an intermediary step for medium-duty fleets that want to reduce GHGs and save money on fuel and maintenance.

Burlington DPW and Claude Raineault hosted the XL demo and allowed the use of their lift to see the upfit system up close!

The XLP Plug-in Hybrid Electric Upfit is a class-leading three-quarter-ton pickup and boasts a 50% mpg improvement and a 33% CO2 reduction! Models include 4×2 and 4×4 models. Learn more about the world’s first PHEV Super Duty Ford F-250 pickup at XL PHEV.

The all-electric Ford F-150 has also been in the news and may be available as early as 2021. The F-150 Hybrid full sized pickup truck is due to be introduced soon, as a 2020 model.

Do be assured that Green Energy Times will be following the production and availability of the upcoming all-electric Ford F-150 and the XLP™ plug-in Hybrid Electric Ford F-250 as they are ready to be released for purchase. This represents a huge solution for our transportation emissions in our rural states and everywhere. It is indeed a solution we have been hoping and waiting for — a real game changer for the work force and the planet. Kudos to Ford for stepping up to the task! We can’t wait to report to you that the electric pickup truck is to the rescue and not just on the rise!

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