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2019 Renewable Energy & Sustainable Living Fair Nov. 16

2019 Renewable Energy and Sustainable Living Fair

The fourth annual Green Energy Fair will be held on Saturday, November 16 from 10-4 pm at the Sage College Armory, 130 New Scotland Ave. Albany, NY. It is sponsored by Community Advocates for a Sustainable Environment, a local grassroots group.

The Fair is free and open to the public with ample space and easy parking. The Capital District Electric Vehicle Club will have a variety of cars on display outside. Albany Mayor Kathy Sheehan will make opening remarks. This is the largest indoor/outdoor environmental Fair in the Capital Region.

Enjoy one-stop shopping with information, services and products related to living in harmony with our earth. Visit with nearly seventy- five for-profit and not-for-profit exhibitors.

Interact with speakers and exhibitors sharing their knowledge on a variety of environmental topics such as: community solar and electricity clubs, geothermal energy, heat pumps, energy conservation, efficiency, energy audits, etc.

Learn about sustainability topics such as: composting, veganism, recycling, car and bike renting, green investing and much, much more.

Enjoy good food (including vegan options) and drink.

The Fair is a “zero waste” event with compostable utensils and a useful Fair Program Booklet made from recycled paper at a union shop.


What YOU Can Do to Help the Environment: Panel Presentation from local renewable energy businesses and climate activists

The Drawdown Project and What We Can Learn From It: Melissa Everett, Sustainable Hudson Valley and Dorna Schroeter, Biomimicry Institute 

What The NY Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act Really Means: A member of NY Renews, the coalition that wrote and lobbied for the bill

Animal Agriculture and its Impact on the Environment: Rachel McCrystal, the Woodstock Farm Sanctuary

Join us for this event and let your family, friends and neighbors know about it.

Contact Becky Meier: 518-781-4686 or with questions.

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