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Climate Strike 9/20/19: Norwich to Hanover Human Chain

Protesters assembled early today at the Ledyard Bridge, which spans the Connecticut River from Norwich, Vermont, to Hanover, New Hampshire. The human chain event was kicked off at 7:15. Green Energy Times editor Nancy Rae Mallery estimated that over 700 people were there, based on a partial police count of 450 people. She said both ends of the chain were far out of sight from the place where she was standing.

We expect more reports and pictures, as the day progresses, and they will be added to this post. Here are a few of photos to start with:

Guinevere Riordan, Richmond Middle School, Hanover. Photo by N. R. Mallery, Green Energy Times.


Human Chain near Ledyard Bridge. Photo by Troy McBride, Norwich Solar Technologies.


Photo from Marjorie Rogalski


Photo from Melissa Scanlan


Photo from Laura Simon


Left to right: Ava Saemann, Blythe Adams, Clare Saemann, Clara Scanlan, Mary Westrich, Photo by Melissa Scanlan.


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