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Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

Andover, NH family riding bicycles to New York City to raise climate change awareness

from WMUR, Sept 16, 2019 (

One New Hampshire family is going the extra mile to raise awareness and attend next week’s U.N. Climate Action Summit in New York City.

The Morgan’s plan to bike with two children under the age of 10. Azalea Morgan, 7, along with her sister Ember Morgan, 9, and their mother Molly Morgan, are leaving Andover on Tuesday to start their journey on bicycles to New York City.

The family hopes to make it in time for the U.N. Climate Action Summit on Sept. 23.

The idea came after Azalea saw a story about polar bears.

“There was this really sad video there and I watched it and then I was sad in my bed,” Azalea said.

The Morgan family is passionate about the environment and are hoping to meet similar families along the way.

“Maybe some kids and parents might wanna join us along the way and even if it was a couple people and it could be a way to make friends and build some momentum,” Molly Morgan said.

They will use public transit, when necessary and in addition to camping overnight, will stop at safe places to rest. They hope to raise not only awareness but also money for environmental causes and possibly solar panels for the kid’s school.

They will have a donation bucket with them and they started a Facebook page. KidsCare4PolarBears.

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