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Plymouth, NH Town Common CLIMATE EMERGENCY “STRIKE and Read-In” September 20

The Plymouth area climate emergency strike will be held on the Plymouth Town Common, Friday, September 20 from 12-3pm. Come one, Come all!

What are you doing Friday, September 20 from 12 to 3pm? How about helping to save the planet? A new local citizens group is inviting everyone in the community to take his/her lunch or afternoon break on the Plymouth Town Common for a Climate Emergency “Strike and Read-In” to stand up for our planet’s health. Our local event here in Plymouth will be joining the Global Climate Strike on 9/20 with events happening all across the planet. Our event will include music, readings, camaraderie, student speakers, educators, local dignitaries and calls to action to raise awareness about our planet’s climate emergency.

According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, last month, July 2019, was the hottest month on record for our planet. Fires are burning in the Amazon, Alaska and the Arctic. Storms, sea levels, water temperatures and wildfires are changing ecosystems and economies faster than we can track. The climate catastrophe that we are facing will change our lives in ways we cannot even imagine. Let’s work to save our way of life! Community bucket brigades of days gone by were summoned to put out fires. Likewise today, individuals, families, communities and countries need to line up together to bring immediate relief to our planet. Everyone has a role to play starting today.

What can we do? A new citizens group has formed in the local Pemi-Baker area that has dedicated themselves to raising awareness and action locally to recognize the global and local factors contributing to dangerous climate conditions. Come down to the Plymouth Town Common on Friday, September 20 between noon and 3PM to meet climate leaders, to learn about what we can do at home and in our community to make a difference, and to join a community commitment to responding to the climate emergency.

For more information, a suggested reading list, and/or to volunteer or to speak, contact Doug McLane at or Susan Mathison at and check out worldwide events at

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