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New webcast: Market Forces Supercharging Corporate Clean Energy Strategy

Tuesday, August 13, 2019 1:00-2:00pm ET (10:00-11:00 am PT) | 60 minutes

Companies large and small are setting ambitious clean energy procurement goals to meet emissions targets and demonstrate value to key stakeholders. The market is listening. As voluntary renewable energy procurement from corporate buyers continues to become more common the market is reacting and providing organizations more transaction options, such as small buyer aggregation deal structures.
This free, hour-long webcast delves into an up-and-coming contract structure that is creating new opportunities for buyers large and small: aggregated procurement deals that allow several off-takers to take pieces of a larger project, often at sizes that would otherwise not be available.
It will feature experienced buyers talking about this new deal structure and how it has helped meet individual procurement targets. Our experts will also share tips and lessons for others looking at similar deal structures.
Among the things you’ll learn:
  •        The basics of aggregated renewable energy procurement
  •        Different use cases where considering aggregation makes sense
  •        How aggregated deals can reduce risk and offer better time and location matching
  •        How you can structure and enter an aggregation deal, and find potential partners
  •        Managing internal stakeholders across partners


  • Sarah Golden, Senior Energy Analyst, GreenBiz Group


Sarah Mihalecz, Director, Education and Engagement, Renewable Energy Buyers AllianceBonus: GreenBiz Insights: Corporate Energy Strategy

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