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Button Up is Coming. Will You Help Us Make It Better?

We’re currently planning this fall’s Button Up campaign! 

Similar to last year, the campaign will happen between mid-September and mid-November. With enhanced incentives from Efficiency Vermont this year, (Income eligible Vermonters can now receive 50% off the project costs, up to $4000 with 0% financing!), there’s never been a better time for Vermonters to weatherize their homes.

We’ve got a lot of ideas for how to encourage people to weatherize their homes (more on that below), but we really want to know what we could offer that would make you excited to participate. Energy Committees are the heart of the Button Up campaign and we want to build this around what you need.

Could you spare five minutes to answer some questions about what support you would need to make Button Up successful for your community?

We want Button Up 2019 to be simple, fun, and accessible to all Vermonters. With those goals in mind, we are asking participating communities to: 
  • Choose from a list of three different workshops to host in your town, led by experts (more details coming soon)
  • Host one or more “Home Tours” with a homeowner who has weatherized their home in your community
This year, Efficiency Vermont is offering 500 Free Home Energy Visits to people across the state who are interested in learning how their home could benefit from weatherization. By becoming a participating community, you can sign folks up in your community for those home visits. There will also be plenty of support coming your way in terms of materials, marketing, and help explaining the new Efficiency Vermont incentives. Your response to the survey will help shape what kind of support is provided.
Already think your community would be interested in participating? Reach out to Becca White at Becca is the newest addition to Efficiency Vermont’s Community Engagement Managers, and will be coordinating Button Up this year.
Thanks for all that you do.
Ian Hitchcock, Community Organizer, Vermont Natural Resources Council
Becca White, Community Engagement Manager, Efficiency Vermont




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