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Renewable Energy Vermont (REV) joined Governor Phil Scott at the press conference on July 11, 2019 regarding vehicle electrification and offered the following statement.

“Recognizing the need for lower cost and carbon free transportation solutions, the Governor smartly proposed the State’s first incentive for electric vehicles and continued investments in necessary public charging stations.  As one of the only states in New England without a statewide customer incentive for EVs, Vermont needed this to get back on track.

The low carbon transportation investments being made by the state today to help more Vermonters access electric vehicles result in saving Vermonters more than $4 million.  For every $1 invested in EV incentives Vermonters save more than $3 on gas, car maintenance, and health bills.  The monetary savings for Vermonters in gas over 15 years would be an estimated $9,375,000.

To reduce the burden on electric ratepayers, the bill creates a much-needed path for greater private investment in electric vehicle charging services.  We look forward to seeing more Vermonters saving money and plugging into EVs.”

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