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SolarFest’19 Music Announcement

World Music Highlights the Stage at SolarFest on July 21st

On Sunday July 21st, SolarFest returns to its roots at Earth Sky Time Community Farm in Manchester Center, VT with a musical lineup sure to get the crowd moving; young and old.

The fun starts with workshops on energy, music and theater beginning at 10:00 am. The music stage kicks off at 2:00 pm with The Gaslight Tinkers providing their crowd-pleasing children’s set, followed by featured performances by Chicago Afro Beat Project, Rio Mira, a contra-music set by The Gaslight Tinkers, Moghli Bluegrass Trio, and the return of Freddi Shehadi to SolarFest.

Oliver Levis of Earth Sky Time Farm says, “This is our biggest performance lineup of the year. We’ll have eight full hours of diverse world-music: rock, bluegrass, marimba, afro-beat, and Celtic dance music, all blending into the positive energy of SolarFest.

Advance tickets are only $15 and there are fun activities for the whole family from 10am until 10pm, including a wide array of freshly prepared food & drinks.

SolarFest continues to integrate music and arts with high quality renewable energy education featuring workshops by experts explaining the latest, usable technologies in PV, EVs, storage, wind, HVAC, permaculture, regenerative ag. Solar Fest President Bill Laberge observes, “The true power of SolarFest is the convening of different communities, bringing together designers, tradespeople, farmers and academics, along with other groups working for sustainability, to help solve our most urgent problems.”

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