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NH Gives – Happening NOW Until 6 PM on June 12th

NH Gives is an initiative of the NH Center for Nonprofits and is designed to bring the state together as one community, raising as much money and awareness as possible for New Hampshire’s nonprofits within a 24-hour, flash-mob of giving. Visit and type in the organization’s name in the search bar.

NH Gives awards special cash prizes to organizations for the largest number of donors, the first donor at exactly 6pm, the largest amount of donations and random golden ticket prizes for participating organizations throughout the 24 hours of giving. When you make a donation please choose to share it on Facebook so others know you have participated.  The option is there after you donate.  Please consider donating to those business which do business with sustainability in mind such as:

-D Acres of New Hampshire –

-Enfield Shaker Museum –

-Enfield Village Association –

-Friends of Mascoma Foundation –

-Visions for Creative Housing Solutions –


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