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Recently Announced Electric Car Models

Rivian SUV. Courtesy photo.

David Robert

Spring has sprung in the Northeast and along with the blossoms and daylight hours, it is also the time when many automakers take the wraps off their 2020 model year vehicles. The annual New York International Auto Show (NYIAS) just ended and here’s an update on some the newest electric options coming our way later this year and beyond.

Rivian R1T Pick-up Truck and R1S SUV

Rivian Pickup truck. Courtesy photo.

Rivian is a start-up developing very capable on- and off-road electric vehicles – their booth was one of the most popular stops for electric vehicle fans at the NYIAS this year. Taking a page from Tesla’s playbook, they are starting at the upper end of the market with their R1T pick-up truck with up to 400-plus miles of range, all-wheel drive, and a 0-60 mph time of three seconds. The R1S is a 7-passenger SUV with similar specifications. Pricing is not yet set, but both models will likely start around $70,000. The pick-up truck and SUV market represent the majority of new auto sales these days, so it’s great to see more electric options coming. Preorders have started, with volume production expected to begin in 2020. Amazon and Ford have recently invested $1.2 billion in the company, so it looks like they are well on their way!

2019 Kia Niro EV

Kia Niro EV

Kia has sold the Niro as a regular hybrid and plug-in hybrid for a while. This year they are launching the Niro EV, an all-electric variant offering about 240 miles of range and a practical hatchback body. With pricing starting at $38,500 and some good lease deals in the works, this promises to be a popular model as long as they can keep up with demand. Kia has offered the all-electric Soul EV model for five years, so this should give them a leg up in developing a reliable and comfortable electric car.

Tesla Model Y

Tesla recently announced their crossover Model Y vehicle is expected to ship in late 2020. This will be built on the same platform as the Model 3 sedan, but will offer more seating and cargo capacity. As with the Model 3, a 300 mile “long range” version will be first to production and cost around $47,000, followed by a 230 mile “standard range” version expected to start at $39,000 and be available in 2021.

Tesla Model Y. Courtesy photo.

It’s not all good news, though. A few EV models are also ending their production runs – most notably Chevrolet is phasing out the Volt plug-in hybrid and Smart has announced the end of their Fortwo electric models in the U.S. Now is the time to go shopping if either of these were on your wish list for your next vehicle purchase.

Fortunately, there are over 40 plug-in models still available across the Northeast, including the newly arrived Subaru Crosstrek Hybrid -a plug-in hybrid all-wheel drive vehicle that can run up to 17 miles on the battery before switching over to gas. Odds are good you can find one you like the next time you’re in the market for a new or used vehicle. Find and compare more electric drive options on the Drive Electric Vermont website:

David Roberts is the Drive Electric Vermont coordinator. He has driven an all-electric car for the past six years and says if you must drive, drive electric.

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