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New Hampshire Business Solar Summit

to be Hosted in Derry June 5, 2019

Ten ground-mounted solar trackers at Derry’s transfer station will yield 155,000kWh per year. The system was installed May 2018. Photo by Granite State Solar

Craig Lazinsky

The Town of Derry New Hampshire’s NetZero Energy Task Force, along with Tupelo Music Hall, are co-sponsoring a New Hampshire Business Solar Summit from 5:30 pm to 7:00 pm on Wednesday June 5, 2019. Join New Hampshire businesses, Chambers of Commerce, renewable energy providers and non-profit organizations to learn how installing solar equipment can save money for your business. The Summit will be held at Tupelo Music Hall, 10 A Street in Derry, NH 03038. Participation is at NO CHARGE, but a reservation is requested at this link:

Derry, NH’s NetZero Task Force is an all-volunteer committee chartered to explore and achieve cost effective solutions for reduced energy, water use and sustainable energy development on town-controlled property, municipal buildings and vehicles, schools and the community of Derry, New Hampshire.

According to Jeff Moulton, Committee Chairman, “This Business Solar Summit assembles solar energy professionals, renewable energy associations, and business owners to share information about how solar energy can save thousands of dollars for New Hampshire businesses. Invited speakers will provide real-world advice about how solar energy can benefit business and building owners large or small, review current New Hampshire State energy legislation, and Tupelo Music Hall’s owner will describe the motivation and benefits of installing solar panels to provide virtually 100% of Tupelo’s electrical needs.”

Tupelo Music Hall owner, Scott Hayward, reported, “We worked with Brentwood, NH-based ReVision Energy to install a 100 kilowatt grid-tied solar electric system. The solar array is forecasted to save over three-quarters of a million dollars in electric costs over its expected 40-year lifetime.”

Derry Director of Economic Development, Beverly Donovan, noted, “Derry is a growing community that consistently demonstrates its business-friendliness and welcoming attitude. This past year we’ve seen a flurry of commercial activity, and many of the businesses I have met with are interested in sustainability and green practices. It’s encouraging that being ‘green’ is now a regular part of the economic development conversation.”

Josh Bourdon is a Derry Town-Counselor-At-Large and Co-Chair of the NetZero Task Force. He remarked, “We’re excited to have several solar projects successfully completed in Derry, serving as a model for town businesses to consider investing in renewable energy. Over its twenty-five year warranty, the 86kW solar installation completed last May at the Town Transfer Station will help the town of Derry save about $25,000 in electricity costs per year – these savings will be passed on to Derry taxpayers.

“We started the Net-Zero Task Force in 2016 focusing on municipal buildings and schools, but another one of our goals was to find out who else in the community would be interested in investing in solar – we are looking for local businesses that may benefit from installing solar panels. The NetZero Task Force is willing to consult with Derry town businesses, commercial and residential apartment building owners and connect them with professional installers who can help them evaluate and install solar energy. The upcoming Business Solar Summit can help answer questions in a communal setting, enabling business owners to maximize their renewable energy investment.”

The Derry-Londonderry Chamber of Commerce and the Town of Derry invite New Hampshire business owners, members of the public, renewable energy companies, government, non-profit organizations and media to participate in this event.

Craig Lazinsky, Public Member of Derry’s NetZero Energy Task Force can be reached at Lazinsky has served in marketing and communications with a portfolio of global technology companies marketing scientific instruments, advanced materials, HVAC and energy-conserving environmental control systems. He currently consults for technology clients and volunteers with energy-related non-profit organizations from his home in Derry, New Hampshire.

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