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Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

Musical Performance to Educate on Climate Change

Counterpoint members

Green Energy Times Staff

Counterpoint is a professional a cappella group based in Vermont. It performs many kinds of music in all sorts of places. It has a mission beyond entertaining, however, and this includes performing in ways that benefit society. One of its specific goals is to contribute to educating children, and it often does this by engaging student musicians in local performances.

The group’s schedule for October 2018 to June 2019 has included performances that relate to and educate about climate change. Counterpoint’s web site lists the performance in the series called “Six Degrees” as taking place between April 25 and July 14. As Green Energy Times goes to press, two of these remain, one on May 23 in Fairlee, VT and one on July 14, in Weston, VT.

Performing with students has been an important aspect of the group’s activity. On April 25, students from Burr and Burton Academy and Maple Street School in Manchester, VT joined Counterpoint to perform the first of the Six Degrees events. At least one of the upcoming events will have local school children join in the performance.

According to Counterpoint, the title, Six Degrees, refers to the fact that an increase of six degrees Celsius would imperil life on Earth, to the fact that there are “six degrees of separation” that connect all human beings and to the six continents on which nearly all people live.

Admission costs vary. Information on upcoming Counterpoint events is available at

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