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Green Energy Times Is Ten Years Old!

When I founded Green Energy Times (G.E.T.) ten years ago, the expectation that it would be so well received and have as far and broad of an outreach area as it is today never entered my mind. I just knew from my own personal experience that solar works! I also understood that energy and building efficiency with conservation was the key. No one who came to visit had a clue that such a thing was actually possible. I felt like a tour guide repeating and showing visitors how it all worked so well. And so it was time to share my story with the people who lived in the area.

At the time, I knew of an impending climate crisis, but as the years passed, it became very clear that the bigger reason for continuing to produce G.E.T. was indeed for our children and grandchildren. Not to fix the mess we unknowingly created and will be leaving to them is intolerable. We MUST try to do all we can, in hopes that they will be able to survive with the world we are bequeathing to them.

Green Energy Times started as a 16-page newspaper in 2009 and was delivered to the local communities in the Cohase Valley where I live. The requests for it to be available in communities not only surrounding my region but also neighboring states have come in steadily since. We try to accommodate these requests as best we can based on what we can afford, because it is a FREE publication. The G.E.T. that was solely produced by one person — me — clearly needed more help tois accommodate the requested and needed outreach that still continues to this day. Those around me will hear me say, “If only someone would invest in G.E.T., we could reach more, with the sky (literally) as the limit… if only…”

So, here we are today, continuing to bring our resource publication to you all, every two months. With a network of distribution teams throughout VT, NH, NY and MA, we somehow manage to keep our heads just above the rising waters (again, literally, too). Our production team of just three with additional editorial contributions and our advertisers keep us working very long, hard hours to bring our news to you, the reader.

If we are to continue another ten years, we need your help in the form of donations from you, as a reader and with the support from related businesses, as well as your help to spread the word about our need for investors or grant funding opportunities! Help us keep going and to grow, to take our message as far as across the country and beyond! Think of the impact we could make!

If you simply think about how much solar there was in our region just ten years ago and look at how much you see today, you will realize that G.E.T. has played an important role in educating people and businesses in the Northeast. It retains an important place in the world today to help educate everyone about the many, many things we all need to do. We need to take responsibility for what we can do individually, now. G.E.T. also shows what others are doing today. We must consider, most of all, the future for our kids! It IS all about the kids! Help us continue to make G.E.T. happen.

Please take a moment to call 802.439.6675 or 603.437.0167. Sign up to become a sustainable member of our team with regular monthly, yearly commitments or as a one-time reader-supported donor. Your donation will help to keep G.E.T. going. Or give directly online at You can also send your donation to 1749 Wright’s Mountain Rd., Bradford, VT 05033.

Can we count on you to help us keep going strong with a sustaining commitment to send us a monthly donation? Please call us now to set this up at any level that you can afford, to show us what we are worth to you. We need it, our children need it most of all. Call today: 802.439.6675 or 603.437.0167 or contribute to G.E.T. online at

Thank you for your much-needed help, as the people and businesses below have done! – Nancy Rae Mallery, founder of Green Energy Times

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