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Public Hearing on Legislation to Ban New Fossil Fuel Infrastructure in Vermont

Tuesday, April 23 From 5-7 PM
Room 11 at the Statehouse in Montpelier
The House Energy and Technology Committee will be holding a public hearing on House Bills 51 and 175 both of which would meet the demands of the No New Fossil Fuel Infrastructure Petition signed by nearly 1,500 Vermonters and the Town Meeting Day resolutions passed by 55 towns.
This is our opportunity to address our legislators and make the case for prohibiting development of new fossil fuel infrastructure in Vermont so we can avoid the health and safety risks, the unjust and wasteful costs and the climate changing consequences of new gas pipelines and oil or gas fired electric generation plants and so that we can begin to move rapidly toward building the next and sustainable energy system we must have.
This hearing will take testimony from members of the public. Please come to let the legislature know how urgent you are about climate change, climate justice and refashioning our energy system. Come to speak, to listen and learn, and to show your support for this crucially important legislation.
Each speaker will have only 2 minutes. If you would like to speak, you will have to sign up at 4:15 in Room 11 of the Statehouse. Even if you don’t plan to speak, come early. The room is small and seating is limited.
You may also submit written testimony to the committee by email to:
Indicate in the subject line, “Fossil Fuel Infrastructure Public Comment.”
Be There To Show How Urgent and Widespread Support Is
To Prohibit New Fossil Fuel Infrastructure
Room 11 at the Statehouse in Montpelier
Tuesday, April 23 5-7 PM
Questions about the event or the legislation? Contact us at

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