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The Cheap Gas Station in Your Garage

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What if you could go to a new gas station and fill up for 60 cents per gallon? How much would that save you and your family on fuel every month? Well, there’s no need to go to the gas station to get this great deal. Now, you can fuel up for the equivalent of 60 cents per gallon right in your own garage thanks to Burlington Electric Department’s (BED’s) new residential electric vehicle (EV) rate, and do so with 100% renewably-sourced energy.

Here’s how it works:

  • Get an Electric Vehicle – Purchase or lease an EV by taking advantage of the purchase and lease rebates that BED makes available to customers, as well as financing support through three local partner credit unions. BED offers an increased rebate for low- and moderate-income customers to help make EVs more accessible for all.
  • Install an Eligible Home Charging Station – If you purchase or lease a new EV, you may receive a BED incentive toward the purchase and installation of qualifying charging hardware that makes you eligible for the new EV rate. If you already own an EV, or have a plug-in hybrid, you still may sign up for the EV rate after installing the qualifying hardware (without the incentive). Currently, the qualifying hardware includes a level 2 home charging station from a participating charging station partner.
  • Charge Up Off-Peak at the Equivalent of 60 cents per gallon – Once you have installed your home charging station and signed up for the new rate, schedule your vehicle to charge at home between 10pm and 12noon (the following day), and you will receive a bill credit that reduces your EV charging rate to 8 cents per kilowatt hour. With BED’s new, special rate, the cost of charging your EV is roughly equivalent to 60¢/gallon of gas.

Once you are signed up for the EV rate, you still may decide to charge outside the 10pm to 12pm timeframe, but your charging rate for that entire month would be the standard residential rate. Then, you would be eligible for the special eight cents per kilowatt hour EV rate again the following month.

With many new EV and plug-in hybrid vehicles coming to market, including more all-wheel drive and four-wheel drive options, BED customers have increasingly affordable and practical choices. In addition to the new home charging rate, EV drivers also have options to charge around the City at one of BED’s 14 public charging stations that offer 26 charging ports. For all the details on EV rebates and the EV charging rate, including eligible hardware choices from a participating charging station partner, and a map of public charging stations, please visit

The new EV rate and our EV incentives are part of a vision for the future where we utilize the electric grid to meet more of our transportation needs. Mayor Miro Weinberger has outlined, and BED has adopted in our 2018-19 Strategic Direction, a goal to make Burlington a Net Zero Energy City by 2030. In addition to the new EV rate, BED is helping the City move toward the Net Zero goal by providing incentives to bring electric transit buses to Burlington and by offering instant rebates on electric bikes at local retail shops.

BED’s efforts to support EVs provide a benefit for both our environment and our economy.

Environmentally, EVs and plug-in hybrids reduce air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions relative to conventional vehicles. This is especially true when EVs are charged on BED’s grid, which is powered by 100% renewable energy. With transportation now making up the largest source of greenhouse gas emissions in Vermont, EVs and other modes of electric transportation offer opportunities for meaningful emissions reductions.

Economically, the new EV rate is a great deal for EV drivers at the equivalent of 60 cents per gallon of gas. But the best part about our EV rate, however, is that it will help more EV drivers charge off-peak and use the grid more efficiently. When our community uses power off-peak, we avoid the need for additional grid infrastructure investments and avoid additional costs, providing a benefit to all BED customers and ratepayers. In addition, Vermont sends over $1 billion annually out of state to import fossil fuels. Electric transportation provides the opportunity to use our own resources – the local electric grid and local EV charging stations – instead of distant and finite fossil fuels.

Electric transportation represents a significant part of our Net Zero Energy City strategy for Burlington and helps us contribute toward meeting the goals of Vermont’s Renewable Energy Standard. BED’s new EV charging rate is another opportunity to make driving an EV more affordable for Burlingtonians. We hope you will consider driving electric in the future.

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