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Municipal Solar Project Adds Even More to Keene’s 100% Renewable Energy Goal

Another one of NH’s largest solar arrays in Keene is 643.2kW and consists of 2,101 panels. The array is installed on the rooftops of the Keene Ice Center and adjacent Public Works Department building. Image: ReVision Energy

Enough is going on in Keene, New Hampshire, that it might be easy to lose track of the projects. While the commercial 123-kilowatt (kW) array is going up on Emerald Street, a somewhat larger, municipal array is being readied for a ribbon cutting ceremony. It was built by ReVision Energy on the roof of the Keene Public Works building and the adjacent Keene Ice Center on Marlboro Street,

The Keene Public Works array has a capacity of 643.2 kW. It will generate about 740,000-kilowatt hours of electricity each year and this will offset roughly 777,000 pounds of carbon pollution each year, according to a statement from ReVision Energy. This is the equivalent of taking 76 average cars off the road, or preventing 817 barrels of oil from being burned each year. Seen another way, the carbon emission reduction is the equivalent of 416 acres of forest sequestering carbon.

The Keene Public Works array cost about $1.35 million. It was financed by a group of local impact investors, through ReVision Solar Impact Partners, which own the array. Electricity from the array is sold to the City of Keene at a reduced price through a Power Purchase Agreement. Over the life of the system, it is expected to save the taxpayers about $3.5 million. The financing and saving will enable the community to foster other economica developments.

This array is the largest ReVision Energy built in New Hampshire last year. Its 2010 solar panels bring the solar capacity of the City of Keene to over two megawatts. Of course, there is a lot more to do to get the city to its goal of 100% renewable.

It happens that ReVision Energy has a series of smaller projects under development now. A single example is a set of projects that is to be built for the affordable housing nonprofit organization, Keene Housing. This organization has added solar systems and heat pumps to a majority of properties in Harper Acres as part of a transition to energy efficiency and reduced consumption. The work is to be continued this year, and it will have ReVision Energy install solar systems at 25 more properties.

ReVision Energy’s website is


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