Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

Energy 101 Series for Spring 2019!

Interested in learning where your energy comes from?

Concerned about how energy decisions are made, and wish you were more informed?
Wondering how to get involved in energy at Dartmouth, but not sure where to start?
Apply to join the Spring 2019 Energy 101 series!
Energy touches every aspect of our lives, from public health to international economics to technological innovation and beyond.  This eight-week, not-for-credit evening workshop series is organized by the Arthur L. Irving Institute for Energy and Society and the Dartmouth Energy Collaborative.  Each session digs into an important dimension of the role energy plays in human life and includes expert panelists, networking opportunities, and discussion on what’s most relevant to communities and individuals.  Series starts March 28 at Dartmouth College.  Sessions run from 6:30-7:45 pm.
Special note to students:  Energy 101 is a GREAT way to build your knowledge base and network if you’re considering applying for an Energy Immersion Trip or pursuing an internship or job in the energy sector!
This series filled up FAST in the fall, and space is limited!  Learn more and apply here by March 11.
Participant reviews of last fall’s Energy 101 series:
  • “Great mix of technical knowledge and … policy implications”
  • “Learned a lot about the challenges in transitioning to 100% renewables”
  • “The mix of students and community members was fantastic”
  • “Course was great. Went fast but covered a lot of ground”
  • “Great mix of topics and speakers”
  • “I cannot stop talking about the class with friends and family. .. they keep asking for more”
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