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New webcast: The State of Green Business 2019

The State of Green Business 2019

Tuesday, February 5, 2019 1:00-2:00pm ET (10:00-11:00 am PT) | 60 minutes

Join us for the release of the 12th annual edition of State of Green Business, GreenBiz Group’s award-winning annual report.

Each year, the report looks at 10 key trends and dozens of metrics assessing how, and how much, companies are moving the needle on the world’s most pressing environmental challenges. The report is produced in partnership with Trucost, part of S&P Global, a world leader in helping companies, investors, governments, academics and thought leaders understand the economic consequences of natural capital dependency.

In this one-hour webcast, coinciding with the report’s release, GreenBiz Group chairman and executive editor Joel Makower, Trucost CEO Richard Mattison and Libby Bernick, Global Head of Corporate Business for Trucost. Together, they will provide insights into key trends and metrics in sustainable business, including some new metrics introduced in this year’s report on how companies are managing their climate and natural capital risks.

Among the topics:

  • The climate’s growing problem of “super pollutants”
  • How climate-risk disclosure is taking investors by storm
  • Why green loans are attracting lower interest rates
  • The new focus on soil as a climate solution
  • Why reuse is making a comeback
  • How sustainability jobs are becoming embedded in companies

Moderator: Joel Makower, Chairman and Executive Editor, GreenBiz Group


Richard Mattison, Chief Executive Officer, Trucost, part of S&P Dow Jones Indices

Libby Bernick, Managing Director and Global Head of Corporate Business, S&P Global

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