Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

Jan. 10th DEC Lunch: The Social Cost of Nuclear Power

Fukushima prefecture in Japan is the site of a 2011 tsunami and nuclear accident after a major earthquake off the east coast of Japan. Despite the very minor release of radiation into the atmosphere, the disaster has had profound effects on the lives of the local citizens. Dr. Davies will share field notes and invite discussion on her reflections after visiting the Fukushima Daichi Nuclear Power Plant to observe the dismantling and containment progress, and meeting and working with the scientists running the Fukushima Health Management Survey.

Thursday, January 10th


Dartmouth College

Fahey Hall – First Floor Commons


About Dr. Louise Davies:

Louise Davies, MD, MS, is an otolaryngologist and health services researcher on thyroid cancer here at Dartmouth. She spent last year as a Fulbright Global Scholar doing research on thyroid cancer in Japan and England, and serving on a task force for the International Agency for Research on Cancer to make recommendations about thyroid monitoring after nuclear accidents.

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