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Keystone XL stopped

Huge win! A federal judge just sent the Trump administration back to the drawing board on the dirty Keystone XL tar sands pipeline. 

For a decade now, we’ve stopped this project in its tracks. Thousands of us have shown up at public hearings, tens of thousand of us have marched in the streets, hundreds of thousands of us have taken action. We’ve made phone calls, we’ve rallied at the white house, we’ve organized, worked in solidarity with the tribes and now, a talented group of pro-environment lawyers have held the Trump administration accountable in court. 

While a single dramatic victory against something like the dirty Keystone XL pipeline can be nice to imagine, the truth is this is how we’re going to win: fighting at every level and with every tool we’ve got. We can’t stop until governments and fossil fuel corporations finally get the message that we need to put our dirty past behind us and fully commit to a clean future that works for all of us moving forward. 

Getting a federal judge to side so decisively with us is a huge step towards that future, and while there’s still more steps we have to climb, it’s moments like these where it’s worth stopping, smiling, taking a breath, and maybe even doing a little dance. 

Thanks for all you do for the environment,

Kelly Martin
Campaign Director, Beyond Dirty Fuels
Sierra Club 

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