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At the VECAN Conference: an Afternoon Workshop

Beneficial Electrification:
A Key Decarbonization Strategy

There will be seven afternoon workshops. This one will be presented by Jeff Monder, Green Mountain Power; Anne Margolis, Vermont Public Service Department; and Jock Gill, Peacham Energy Committee, and low-carbon lifestyle homeowner

Georgia Mountain wind farm (

Beneficial electrification (or strategic electrification) is a term for replacing direct fossil fuel use with clean electricity in a way that reduces overall emissions and energy costs, such as conversion to electric vehicles and heat pumps. This workshop will look at the state’s aggressive total energy goals and Vermont’s progress toward meeting them. It will also explore the longterm implications of electrification, and the key role of efficiency, distributed renewable energy and energy storage for achieving beneficial electrification. Also, hear how one Vermonter has made the whole-lifestyle transition to 100% renewable energy for meeting their total energy needs.

Green Energy Times editor Nancy Rae Mallery calls the VECAN Conference “Vermont’s best renewable energy event.” We recommend that everyone consider attending.

This year’s conference will again be held at beautiful Lake Morey Resort in Fairlee, Vermont. It will be on Saturday, December 1st from 9 AM to 4:30 PM. Stay tuned for more details coming soon!

Today is the last day of Early Registration!

The registration fee, today, November 25th, is $40.00. Tomorrow, November 26th, registration will increase to $50.00.

See Conference Workshop Descriptions here!


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