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Ingredient of the Month: Law of Sticktion

By Larry Plesent

Long time readers of this column will recall that this writer, like Einstein, believes there is only one set of rules that govern all matter and energy transactions inside this astonishing bubble that we call our universe. Taken to its logical extreme, this theory means that whether living or dead, slow moving or very fast, light beams, thought cascades, ships and seas and sealing wax and the kid next door all act and react according to the same set of thermodynamic and special relativity principles.

Wherever you go in the universe, the rules are the same. It would be a very different place if all the different parts had their own playbook.

One of my favorites is the Law of Sticktion (stik/tion), a corollary of the Law of Inertia. Inertia teaches us that matter continues in its existing state of rest or uniform motion in a straight line, unless that state is changed by an external force. Sticktion teaches us that the longer an object is in one place, the more energy it takes to initially move it.

Imagine that you have a very large rock that has sat in one spot for a hundred years. During the decades the rock will have built up a significant amount of sticktion energy with the earth. It takes more energy to unstick it from the ground than would a similar recently moved object. If you don’t believe me, go ask the nearest handyman.

Since humans are part of the universe, and subject to the rules thereof, we can observe sticktion at work in the human mind. People who think the same way for a very long time have a very difficult time accepting different perceptions of the same thing. In extreme cases, sticktion of the brain can lead to brain drain, or worse; the complete loss of all reason and common sense when confronted with emotionally charged hot button issues.

Take the emotionally charged hot button issue of little dogs, for example. Sure they are cute, but do you realize that little dogs are reproducing algorithmically? Two becomes four. Four becomes eight. Eight becomes sixteen, and so forth. In 57 years, the earth will be overrun with yappy little dogs making little messes from Timbuktu to Madagascar. Millions of humans will have to be employed to serve them. Soon little dogs will run the world and enslave us all to their nefarious biological rhythms.

But do people listen and heed these warnings? No they do not. Sticktion of the brain sets in at the mere sight of a little dog. Once they elicit the AWWW response, the subject brain turns to mush. Doggy mush in this case. Usually fatal.

Fight back against sticktion in the world and in your own mind. And how about a free puppy to go with?

Larry Plesent is a writer, philosopher and soap maker living and working in the Green Mountains of Vermont. Learn more at and

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