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New GMP Pilot Program Cuts Costs for Electric Mowers

Green Mountain Power’s new pilot program aims to cut carbon emissions while cutting the grass. VT Clean Cities Coalition worked with Steve Wisbaum of Ecoequipment Supply, Argonne National Labs and Green Mountain Power to provide the necessary data on commercial lawn mower run time and emissions to help with this incentive. The new program offers $700 discounts on electric mowers for GMP’s commercial landscaping customers. According to the EPA, motorized landscaping equipment pumps out more pollution that cars. In addition to no fumes, electric mowers also require less routine maintenance and create less noise than their combustion-engine counterparts.

GMP Vice President Josh Castonguay says the pilot has 20 slots to start. “It is going to help us gather information as we work to create more programs to help business customers cut carbon and costs,” he said. “Commercial mowers run all the time and cutting that carbon will have a big impact on cutting overall greenhouse gas emissions. This is just one of the many innovative programs we have to help customers save money and reduce carbon emissions.”

GMP hopes the pilot will be the basis for a broader lawnmower incentive program. You can see all the details about this pilot program, including the mowers that qualify here:

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