Concentration of CO2 in the Atmosphere

Put a smile on your face and reduce carbon emissions!

Electric vehicles will put a smile on your face.

Would you have a big smile on your face if you could undermine the oil and gas industry, protect our climate, and #Resist Trump’s rollback of environmental protections all at the same time?

You can, and it’s fun! Check out a National Drive Electric Week event near you, and see how far electric vehicles have come in meeting the needs of drivers like you.

With more than 300 events planned between September 8-16, finding an event near you is easy. Each event is unique, but many allow you to sit in or test drive one of 40+ electric cars on the market, learn about ways to make the switch to electric easy and affordable, see exhibits from local businesses, enjoy family-friendly activities, hear guest speakers and more!

Ready to find an event near you and RSVP?

Transportation is the largest source of carbon pollution in the U.S., producing 40% of climate-disrupting greenhouse gases.

One way to address climate change is to replace our vehicles that run on dirty fossil fuels with clean, zero-emission vehicles. And vehicles powered by electricity are already cleaner today than conventional vehicles, even factoring in electricity emissions. They’ll get even cleaner over time as our energy grid is powered by more renewable energy every year.

Change can be a challenge. But the first time I drove an electric car, I realized that the only thing missing was the noise of the loud engine and the stinky fumes. And then I hit the accelerator, and that’s when I couldn’t stop smiling.

Join the clean car rEVolution, and attend an event in your area during Drive Electric Week!Let National Drive Electric Week show you how!

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