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Past and Future of Ductless Heat Pumps

Looking Back Four Years and Now in 2018, the Record Speaks for Itself.

The Davidsons are very happy with their Mitsubishi Hyper Heat H2i Heat Pumps installations. The heat pump can be seen in the backdrop while John plays croquet. The Davidsons chose the floor model as seen in the back right corner of their piano room. Image: WMUR NH Chronicles from July 23, 2018.

By Mike Hamlin

In 2014, I wrote a couple articles regarding ductless heat pumps for Green Energy Times. I was recently pleasantly surprised to learn of and get to read responses from over the years from as far away as the mid-west and even from New Zealand. In the latter case, that person based an investment decision in solar photovoltaic from the article and has never regretted it. That particular article focused on the benefits of the new generation ductless heat pumps and how they could triple the benefits of photovoltaic solar panels when coupled and used as the primary source of heating and cooling in energy efficient homes. The benefits were demonstrated with an elaborate math display using then heat pump performance factors, kW to btu conversions, annual solar photovoltaic outputs, heat loss/gain reports and current energy costs. It was based on Mitsubishi heat pump performance factors, only because it was and still is the brand we’ve represented for many years. Personally, I’ve studied and recorded years of heating and cooling performance data and savings on my own system as well as others in order that I could provide meaningful presentations for both NH Electric Co-op and EverSource Power Workshops in addition to speaking at energy fairs for the towns of Meredith and Wolfeboro, NH.

Ten years ago, we installed our first and, at the time, the newest model Mitsubishi Super-hyper H2i unit. Having been in this industry 50 years now, I knew this had a great future ahead of it, but I grossly under-estimated how great it would be. You see, I had experienced the disastrous heat pump fad of the 70s and 80s, and it left me traumatized and very skeptical of heat pumps for the next 25 years. During those years geothermal has come, and sort of gone. We haven’t even had a request for one in more than two years, and we’ve designed and installed hundreds prior. However, last year we reached over 1,000 Mitsubishi installations. I am getting three to five requests a day for Mitsubishi, have sold and overseen the installation of many, many systems without ever leaving the office. Our Mitsubishi sales are primarily all based on referrals, and I am so thankful I no longer need to explain ‘who is Mitsubishi?’ What is a heat pump? How does it work? How much can it save? If you’re a consumer and thinking about buying, I wouldn’t hesitate a moment to invest in these marvelous machines. Super Inverter heat pumps are here to stay for a long, long time. They will save you money and are very affordable even before rebates. They are relatively simple, very, very reliable and need only cleaned filters to be happy. Please know that many leading brands are all good heat pumps. Choosing a trustworthy and experienced installer you feel comfortable with is essential. Most distributors can tell you who they are.

I would like to conclude by sharing with you a well-known TV show host, personality, actor, singer, writer and theatre performer and last but not least, another wonderfully satisfied Mitsubishi owner.

Introducing Mr. John Davidson. Here in his own words, is his experience;

Dear Folks,

I hope I can adequately express my enthusiasm for our new installation of Mitsubishi Hyper Heat H2i Heat Pumps!! Please understand that I am sincere, because you might not believe me when you see how much we are raving about our new AC.

You see, ours is an older converted farm house that we thought could never be comfortable in the New Hampshire summer months. We had accepted that when we bought it, because we love the house so much. But now we are over the moon. The surprise: the under sold benefits are amazing. The representative’s presentation was casual, no hard sell, no over-hype, just honestly wanting to meet our needs. Well you hit it out of the park.

We never expected 1. The sound level to be less than whisper quiet. We just can’t hear it; 2. The air temperature to be so constantly comfortable; 3. The low humidity that improves the comfort of the whole house, even rooms where there is no unit.

Bottom line, with just these 4 units (we chose the floor models which totally blend in to our classic wood paneling) our 4000 sq. ft. home has been changed forever.

John and Rhonda Davidson

To see a video of the house and the Davidsons’ move to New Hampshire, see WMUR’s NH Chronicle July 23, 2018.

Mike Hamlin is a recognized expert in the area of “state of the art” heat pump design and application in New Hampshire’s Lakes Region. He has more than 50 years working in various capacities for a leading world HVAC Manufacturer, Leading HVAC Distributors, Consulting and as an HVAC equipment and system design specialist for a leading local HVAC contractor. Contact Mike at


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