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NH Permaculture Day 2018 Happenings

On Saturday August 18, 2018, Cite Ecologique of NH Ecovillage hosted the 6th edition of the Nh Permaculture Day.

Cite Ecologique is an Ecovillage community located in Northern New Hampshire and are made up of 40 community members. It is a community aligned in integrative education methodologies, organic permaculture farming techniques, inclusive spirituality, and social entrepreneurial businesses.  It hosts many events for the public throughout the year including (but not limited to)  the organic farming program, field trips for youth in farming, intro to permaculture, introduction to Ecovillages, and French immersion programs.

Cite Ecologique worked closely with this year’s speakers, workshop presenters, vendors, sponsors, and past year’s organizers to bring a fantastic regional Permaculture event. Regardless of  the weather the event was amazing. The day was started with with an opening circle to share the intention of this year’s theme “Co-Exist”.

The theme is a way to bring people together from all over the State in acknowledging the potential and value of this region.  “Co-exist” also brings attention to the wisdom we can learn from our environment while respecting it and how to instill symbiosis when accessing the Earth’s benefits. One of the 12 principles of permaculture, “Integrate rather than segregate”: learning from your environment and your local community in order to develop a relationship that will support and be sustainable.

The NH Permaculture Day is an initiative of the NH Permaculture Guild. The first NH Permaculture Day was held at D Acres Permaculture Farm and Educational Homestead in Dorchester, NH, in 2012, and was in part, organized by students of that year’s Permaculture Design Course offered at D’Acres. Early intentions of this event centered around not only sharing permaculture strategies and possibilities, but also networking with regional practitioners and sharing knowledge and practices. Our intention is to spread the mission of day throughout the state of NH. Each host site brings a regional flavor and expands the base of supporters and participants.

The Mission of the New Hampshire Permaculture Guild is to educate and raise awareness of the philosophy of Permaculture and build/strengthen the New Hampshire permaculture network.

For information on the NH Permaculture guild or if you would like to become a host for this event, visit

If you want to have information regarding this year hosting site visit  or call 603-331-1669.

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