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Green Burial Presentation at Francestown Library

Wednesday, September 26, 2018 at 6:00 pm

G.H. Bixby Memorial Library
52 Main Street

Francestown, NH

Join presenters from THRESHOLD CARE at the Francestown Public Library to learn about and discuss green burial.
All burials were “green” until about 75 years ago; so what changed, and why?  You will learn what makes a burial “green”, why the US buries 1,636,000 tons of concrete annually for burials, and why embalming is dangerous for humans and the planet.
Did you know that with advanced planning, it is legal to bury a loved one on your own property and that cremation is not necessarily more environmentally friendly?  Learn what you can do today to support green burials right in your own community.
Threshold Care’s Green Burial subcommittee is dedicated to increasing the amount and accessibility of green burial spaces in New Hampshire and surrounding communities and to educating consumers on the options they have at the end of life.

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